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Why I Opted Out of Black Friday 2020

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I decided this year not to participate in Black Friday. Why? I wanted to avoid overspending, buying things I didn’t need, and just not contributing to the whole shopping just to shop mentality that Black Friday brings. There are also things this shopping day brings with it besides for spending:

  1. Stress – Dealing with crowds of people, trying to park, waiting in line, all makes the day stressful. Was it really worth dealing with all that stress just to save a few dollars?
  2. Extra spending – Once you get the adrenaline going on buying gifts, you may buy more. Retailers hope you’ll buy extra items you didn’t plan to buy while out shopping. It can be very easy to buy that extra gift you didn’t even plan on buying.

Benefits For Black Friday Shopping

  1. Benefits of Shopping – Some people just enjoy the thrill of finding a deal. Sometimes what causes other people stress, does not cause the same stress for all people. Even if you don’t walk out with a deal, doesn’t mean the trip was not a success.
  2. Getting Out of the House – The trip can be entertainment in itself. You are getting out of the house, being socially active, and just doing an enjoyable friday deals

Our Recommendations
Make sure you have your priorities straight when shopping on Black Friday. Try to set a budget and only buy the items you were actually going to spend. When you do buy items make sure these are actually a deal and not just an impulse buy. Not all supposed deals on Black Friday are actually deals.

USA Today┬ámade a good point on a similar article stating the “classic tactic of increasing original prices to then have a more favorable sale price to compare to.” This happens. Prices will be marked up just to be marked down to seem like a bargain when no bargain actually exists.

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