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When it comes to getting coupons, we feature plenty on this site. However, one untapped way to get the latest offers is by using the request forms on companies websites. By emailing a company directly and expressing your interest, we’ve had a lot of success in getting coupons sent over.

Example Coupons Sent By Companies
We chatted with tombstone pizza with their online chat. We requested coupons and they took my address down and literally sent me a $1 off coupon right in the mail. Why would they mail out the offer? They do this to keep loyalty. This lets them reward a steady user of their products and connect directly with a customer.

How To Request Coupons
On the website of most larger companies, you will find a way to submit a request whether by email or chat. If by email, just send a general inquiry. An example email look like the following:


My name is XXXX and I am interested in seeing if you have any coupons available. I would love to try it and any little savings will help persuade me to buy your products.

Thanks for the help,


Example Company Contact Page
To get started try using the contact page for the Burts Bees website. Click on Product and Company questions. Use this page to write them an email and get their latest offers sent over. They should respond with the best way to get their coupon.

Be Patient!
Not every company will give you coupons. It may take contact several companies to get offers sent. Some companies such as those in grocery and food will often put a note on how to get their coupons right on the page.

Good luck and start writing for coupons!

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