Michigan Mcdonald’s Coupons 2021

If you live in Michigan, then check out these McDonald’s coupon deals for this month! The offers are linked below. Use zip code 48090 on this page as your zip code, and then visit Coupons.com using the link below. Find the coupons under restaurants.

When it comes to saving, McDonalds in Michigan has their own page with lots of savings. Outside of these offers, you should also download the app for additional savings.  This works on both android and apple smart phones for savings based on your zip code.

Online Savings and Discounts – Check out their official site for all their discounts available. They have a large amount of different savings now live.michigan mcdonalds coupon

App Coupons – Sign up and download their app to get all their discounts. You don’t even have to print anything out. Just download the iphone app and show them your phone to get the savings. Most of the time the restaurant doesn’t even ask to see my phone, they just add in the deal!

Michigan Mcdonald’s Coupons for  2017 – Check out some of the following savings we’ve seen in the past:

  • Buy One Get One Big Mac or Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  • Free Medium Fries with the purchase of any Angus third Pounder or Premium Chicken Sandwich
  • Buy One Get One Free Breakfast Sandwich
  • Buy One Get One Free Hot McCafe Beverage or Frappe
  • Free Small Premium Roast Coffee or OJ with the purchase of Oatmeal
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