Items That Are Not Cheaper at Aldi

We’ve found at least five items that are actually more expensive to buy at Aldi food markets! While they do offer a great value for plenty of items, they are not always the cheapest. These are just a few of the recommendations we would avoid and seek elsewhere.

1. Diapers. Diapers were actually cheaper at Amazon for name brand than we found at Aldi. We figured that diapers would be cheaper at their stores, but we actually found better prices elsewhere! Sometimes you are also better off using a coupon at Target, than shopping at Aldi.aldi coupon

2. K Cups. We found that the K Cups by their Barrisimo brand were around $5 for a 12 pack. We found them at Amazon for slightly less! Plus they ship free with a prime account so that means not having to run to the local store.

3. Pringles Chips. While Aldi has an off brand, the real deal at their stores was actually more than a dollar. I often see these at my local Dollar Tree for only $1 as well as Target which often has it on sale for less.

4. Coca Cola 12 packs. These were surprisingly a bit more expensive. Most stores have these for 3 for $12, making it cheaper. This was the one item I would not recommend buying at Aldi since I hardly ever see any sale there for Coke products.

5. Meat Products. While their meat is perfectly fine, they usually don’t have the cheapest prices. I’ve regularly found it cheaper at my local grocery store.

6. Beer. While they do have affordable off brand versions of your favorite beers, their selection is generally slim and the regional beer they do sell is often higher priced than local stores.

Items I do buy at Aldi? Generic branded alternatives to products. I usually buy their energy drinks, iced coffee and even candy that is generally better priced than most stores. They do make great tasting non name brand products so if you haven’t I would recommend giving them a try as a cheaper alternative.

They are actually owned by a German company so they do occasionally also have interesting German products shipped from and made in Germany. This includes their chocolate, beer, and even various frozen foods and snacks,


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