Fast Food Discounts for Seniors: No Coupon Required

Seniors can be glad to learn that the following discounts are available depending on their age. No fast food coupons are required for any of the offers we’ve posted. We will make sure to update this list with more Senior discounts available and if a coupon is required, let you know exact offer. When it comes to saving, age does have its benefits!

Arby’s – Save with 10% off! Those over 55 get a total of 10% off without using a coupon.

Burger King – 10 percent off for 60 years and older.

Captain D’s – 62 and older get discounts on certain days of the week. Check your local location for details.

Carl’s Jr. – Save 10 percent off a meal and / or drink.

Chick-fil-A – Get a completely free small drink or coffee. Enjoy a nice 10% discount if you are 55 or older.

Del Taco – Get a 10% off discount or a free drink. This is valid for customers 55 and over.

Hardees – Get a small drink for only 33 cents.This requires the purchase of a meal. Deal works for those 65 and older.

Jack in the Box – Seniors who are 55 and older can save 20% off their purchase.

Kentucky Fried Chicken – Seniors get a free small drink when they purchase a meal. This is valid for 55 and older.

Long John Silvers – Various discounts available for seniors 55 years and older.

McDonald’s – Seniors get cheaper coffee and soft drinks. Valid for customers over 55.

Popeye’s – Works for a total 10% discount. Also choose from a free drink. Deal works for customers 55 and older.

Sonic Drink In – Save with a total of a nice 10% discount or a free drink. Valid for seniors 55 and over.

Subway – Enjoy a 10% discount off your total meal purchase.

Taco Bell – Get either a free drink or five percent off your next meal. Valid for seniors 65 and older.

Wendy’s – Save on your next Wendys purchase with a 10% discount on your purchase if you are over 55.

Whataburger – Get a free drink or 10 percent off your next meal.

White Castle – Save with their current 10% off discount. Works for customers 62 and over.

Make sure you mention the promotion when ordering. Most fast food restaurants will not automatically apply based on your appearance. They will need to confirm your age. Also make sure you are not require to use any restaurant coupon, though you may be able to combine a coupon with your senior discount.

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