Many of you have been having trouble getting the various offers we post here. We’re providing this faq as a way to help you find the deal you are looking for.

Best Place to Start Finding Deals:
Use their side menu to find the deal you are looking for:
It’s on the left side and looks like as follows:
Apparel (2)
Baby & Toddler (9)
Beverages (13)
Books & Magazines (1)

If you need a food deal click on the Foods tab. If you need Pet related deal, click on the Pet Deal.

Common Questions Asked


Q: I looked forever and can not find the deal?!
Some deals expire fast. We post them as soon as we hear about them, but sometimes they disappear without warning. We’ll try our best to remove the deal before this happens.

Q: What zip code should I use?
If the deal requires a special zip code, we’ll tell you.  Enter that zip code in the top left of the page where it asks for a zip code. Otherwise just use your local zip code.

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