Current Pick Up Stix Coupons

On this archive page, find Pick Up Stix coupons and deals through 2016! This restaurant makes great Asian cuisine, and if you don’t want to go out to eat – they also deliver! Find their locations on their website, and look at their menu. You can also join their Dragon’s Club for deals. Find their Facebook on their site as well if you want to stay completely connected. They are a southern California chain that cooks up fresh Asian cuisine.

Savings Tip: More great ways to save with their current discounts including joining their club to get notified whenever feature discounts come up. This is a great way to their offers as soon as they are available without having to look for them.

Dragon Coupon Email Club – Get the latest offers when you sign up for their official club. They have a variety of discounts available straight for this email.

Pick Up Stix Location Finder – Use their locator to find out where you can use their coupon offers and get saving at your nearest location for great tasting asian flavored food.


pick up stix restaurant
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