Current Lenny’s Sub Coupons

With great tasting subs, Lennys Sub offers different coupons to help you save when you visit their many locations. The best part about their sub offerings is the amount of variety they provide. You can order online or just head in to a sub location near you to take advantage of their offers.  I was surprised to find out just how many locations they have.

When it comes to getting a deal, their VIP program is one of the best. They send you a variety of different discounts for your future purchase. You will have to use your email address. Just make sure to use a spam email address. Not sure where or if a location can be found near you? We’ve provided a locator as well.

Lennys Sub Locator – If you weren’t sure where or if a location near you could be found, this is a great place to start.

Lennys VIP Coupon – 2016 – Join in and save on their vip member rewards offering.  They let their VIPs save for free.

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